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Antti Ollila

Freeskiing’s favorite darkhorse, Antti Ollila, may have a quiet exterior, but his skiing is fast and loud. Antti hails from Finland, where he grew up riding the infamous Ruka Ski Resort parks, getting in upwards of 300 days a year on hill. The freestyle laps that he was raised on are evident in the way he skis now: Antti’s skiing is one half easy fluidity and one half technical nuance—two seemingly disparate things that he blends together with ease. The Finnish destroyer finds flow wherever he drops in, be it kinked rail, slopestyle course, or powder field, and his style always stands out. Antti is a regular on the contest circuit, notching drops in X Games and the Dew Tour while injecting his runs with unexpected tricks—he’s an advocate of style over stock. And it’s this uncommon creativity that really makes Antti’s skiing so unique. Over the past few seasons, in addition to competing, he’s filmed for Faction Skis’ team movies, as well as projects with his crew, Keesh Life. His stand-out segments are loaded with mind-melting tricks—and Antti makes them look easy, all while upping the ante year after year. What’s the future hold for this freeskiing Finn? We’re excited to find out.